Saturday, 3 September 2011

uk cod

after attending a BNI breakfast get together, met a couple of people who were putting together a pitch for the UK council on Deafness website. they wanted to put forward both a traditional photographic based template, and an illustrative one, so asked me to produce a banner that visualised sound.

wanted to avoid being too clich├ęd and started trying to be all conceptual… but ended with an abstract landscape the incorporates different environments (city/residential/country etc..) within a sound wave shape. although obvious, i figured the overall shape has an immediate connotation and the necessary impact to hold the attention of prospective website users. i thought interlinking shapes and lines could relate to UKCoD's umbrella organisation status... and i've added in textures to hopefully suggest depth of sound whilst appealing to other senses such as sight and touch, which are heightened when hearing impaired.

we didn’t win the pitch, but i’m not seeing it as failure, considering we were up against an agency who specialise in websites for people with disabilities…