Thursday, 28 August 2014

Occupational therapy theory...

I'm on the verge of qualification (and employment!) as an Occupational Therapist, which is hugely exciting.  Equally so is that I'll soon be able to let drawing join my front seat again.  However, whilst my brain is still full of theory from revision, here's a creative visual metaphor I put together to understand some of the terminology used in OT.  This compares models, frames of reference and approaches to a canvas, paint pots and paintbrushes respectively...

I figure models (such as MOHO, CMOP-E, Kawa...) can be considered as the templates or prompts to aid assessment and thinking, somewhat like a big paint-by-numbers grid on a canvas.

Frames of reference can be considered the various idea or knowledge banks within and from which OT interventions pull their reasoning, somewhat like paint pots full of different mediums and colours..

And I reckon approaches can be considered the way in which this theory is applied, selecting an appropriate tool (or paintbrush) for practice.