Monday, 29 December 2014

Bring on 2015..

I have the small goal every month of uploading a new post onto this blog.  

This month's post has been neglected right up to the deadline.  However, with a rummage through work I have not yet shared, I found this fitting beauty..

I drew the rollerblade back in September when I was lingering at home in Leeds.  I've been doing the same recently, up North for Christmas, where there were many good times occurring.. distracting me from uploading a post!

2014 has been a bold year, full of adventures to be treasured, but 2015 is already holding it's own, simply by way of EXCITING THINGS AHEAD!  Gigs, shiny new living arrangements, holidays, service development projects at work and heaps of exhibitions are already in the diary.. Here's to another year of meeting goals and keeping to deadlines, whilst also having a good time :)

Sunday, 23 November 2014

Thought Bubble

Last weekend I went to Thought Bubble - The Leeds Comic Art Festival - with my splendid illustrating friend Andrew Sanders.  It was an utter feast of an event celebrating all things bright and beautiful about narrative illustration.  There was a myriad of comic art and graphic novel-esque work on display, which was incredible to see up close and personal (despite making me feel slightly out of my depth).  There was also an abundance of more accessible yet equally mesmerising work, which left me teeming with drawing inspiration and ideas. Plus EVERYONE was completely addicted to drawing, which was just excellent to see, hear and absorb! Here are some of my stumbled upon highlights..
  • Becky Long (below is her 'not working' family life scene, which was my first purchase of the day...)

  • Bethan Mure who had an excellent promotional card.. *HIRE HER*
  • James Chapman and his Soundimals (might have acquired my first Christmas present here..)
  • Lydia Wysocki who I thank hugely for making me recognise saying "just a doodle" or "a quick sketch" is dismissive of my own work..

Monday, 13 October 2014

Up, up and away..

I've spent an unjustifiable amount of time on this doodle, and now consider hot air balloooooons as difficult to draw as horses!  However, perseverance has got me to this point...

... and this work-in-progress digital collage, bringing together various elements, is a fitting illustration for now, because this month is one full of upward movement following completion of my MSc.  Let's see where it takes me next...

Thursday, 11 September 2014

Website upgrade..

I've finally managed to launch a *shiny new* website!  It's the same address as before - - but with thanks to wordpress, it's easier for me to keep up to date.. and more likely to be found via search engines.

So. I'd like to extend a warm invite to everyone to take a peek and share.  

 ----> LOOK. HERE. <----

Some content may be familiar but there are new projects to explore too (e.g. creative workshops), which hopefully offer compensation to anyone missing my old landing page*

*This was sadly sacrificed in the name of progress, but I've posted it below for posterity...

Thursday, 28 August 2014

Occupational therapy theory...

I'm on the verge of qualification (and employment!) as an Occupational Therapist, which is hugely exciting.  Equally so is that I'll soon be able to let drawing join my front seat again.  However, whilst my brain is still full of theory from revision, here's a creative visual metaphor I put together to understand some of the terminology used in OT.  This compares models, frames of reference and approaches to a canvas, paint pots and paintbrushes respectively...

I figure models (such as MOHO, CMOP-E, Kawa...) can be considered as the templates or prompts to aid assessment and thinking, somewhat like a big paint-by-numbers grid on a canvas.

Frames of reference can be considered the various idea or knowledge banks within and from which OT interventions pull their reasoning, somewhat like paint pots full of different mediums and colours..

And I reckon approaches can be considered the way in which this theory is applied, selecting an appropriate tool (or paintbrush) for practice.  


Monday, 21 July 2014

Thursday, 3 July 2014

Tour de France Grand Départ

Was at home recently and loved seeing the spray painted bikes dotted about in anticipation of the Tour de France Grand Départ 2014, kicking off from Leeds this Saturday 5th July.. 

Got me wanting to draw bicycles all over the place, so here's a snap of a speedy sketch that might meander it's way into something more..

For more information on the tour, go here -> 

Friday, 13 June 2014

New favourite flower

Recently stumbled across a load of these little beauties on a cycle path in Cambs.  I believe it's called Nigella Damascena, or, um, love-in-a-mist.. 

Sunday, 25 May 2014

Wednesday, 2 April 2014

April showers

Inspired by lovely watercolour-y textures I found on Pinterest (see my likes..), I decided to paint some overlapping droplets.  Was nearly April at the time.  So here they are photographed as caught in the sun - Sunshine and showers.  A cathartic exercise to suit my mood.  Raindroplets.  Yes.  Tears?  No. 

Sunday, 16 March 2014

Paperclips and pins...

Here's a selection of illustrations I recently completed for Parragon, of objects on my desk, drawn from it. Might not seem an overly exciting brief, but there was something satisfying about drawing these oft-used but under-appreciated things. Particularly enjoyed the paperclip :)

Will post more once I learn where they are going to feature...

Tuesday, 4 March 2014

The Imaginary Museum

The Imaginary Museum is an exhibition taking place this weekend as part of the 17th International Contemporary Artists Book Fair at the Tetley in Leeds.

The exhibition is a collection of limited edition postcards that all relate to the idea of museum and archive - including one of mine!  All selected postcards will be available to buy so that visitors can curate their own personal collection, creating an individual bookwork to take away.  So if you're free, it comes highly recommended as a wholesome weekend outing destination with over 50 stalls, exhibitions, talks and performances etc.. 

Watch this space for details of the exhibition touring to New York too... 

Saturday, 1 February 2014

Swedish commission...

Never posted about this, and I'm not sure why because I really enjoyed drawing the drawing!  It was a carefully composed collection of 1960's Scandinavian porcelain and household-y things, mainly inspired by the classic designs of Stig Lindberg.  Completed, like, a year ago!

The project continues to resonate with me, not only because of my affinity for functional yet beautiful everyday objects, but also because it was inspired by a desire to recognise all that's wonderful about making an effort to spend time with good friends, despite lifestyles that may be somewhat nomadic and temporary.  The repetition and durability of the original designs provide much-needed connotations of balance and stability in a contrasting world.  I also LOVED the required research. Had me unearthing all sorts of eggcup and salt shaker treasures :)

Above is the grateful recipient and said illustration.  And below, is a more recent drawing, for the same person, for his visitkort (I believe that's business card in Swedish..?!) 

Henrik is a talented multi-lingual writer, with interests ranging from literature and social issues through to technology and ice hockey.  Follow the details on the card for more information...