Monday, 23 April 2018

What Sundays are made for..

Indulged in a full day of gallery-ing yesterday at the Calouste Gulbenkian MuseumWas particularly enchanted by the setting, with multi-tiered windows and playful gardens. 

Was refreshing to see a whole load of work by predominantly Portuguese artists that I'm not too familiar with. Highlights include:

- Revelo-colagem by Manuel Baptista (1973) 

- The undulating (and perfectly positioned) La Mer by René Bertholo (1971)

- You know when you try and flatten out some chocolate foil? And it's really satisfying? Well, there's that. And then there's this - Sombras e chocolates (joaninha) by Lourdes Castro (1965)

- I also couldn't resist this - Life Class B by (the admittedly British) Allen Jones (1968) - which really wouldn't look out of place in Oliver Bonas.

Just yes to it all.