Monday, 30 May 2016

Day by day

Life has turned upside down this month. I'm back on the UK side of the planet, unexpectedly early, because my mothership crash-landed in a world of hushed tones and uncertainty. Normality and routine are all in flux whilst we take each day as it comes.

A get well soon card didn't fit the bill so I decided to make my own little present. It's not an illustration, but I still think it ticks the creativity box so I could mention it on here, plus it reminded me of my long lost card project.

I found a max sized pillbox and collected lots of small objects for the contents. The items are things mum loves, such as flowers, a jug and a small bit of lace, as well as some love from me in miniature heart form. There are items that hint at experiences, such as her recent visit to me in NZ and our earlier adventure in India. There's also a tiny glass bottle to represent a magic potion alongside a mini spanner to fix things, and a teeny polar bear as a metaphor for facing adversity (e.g. in the Arctic climate). 

The idea is that each box can bring a daily dose of something positive rather than more pills or talk of being unwell. Some joy to help get through to the next day.