Sunday, 23 November 2014

Thought Bubble

Last weekend I went to Thought Bubble - The Leeds Comic Art Festival - with my splendid illustrating friend Andrew Sanders.  It was an utter feast of an event celebrating all things bright and beautiful about narrative illustration.  There was a myriad of comic art and graphic novel-esque work on display, which was incredible to see up close and personal (despite making me feel slightly out of my depth).  There was also an abundance of more accessible yet equally mesmerising work, which left me teeming with drawing inspiration and ideas. Plus EVERYONE was completely addicted to drawing, which was just excellent to see, hear and absorb! Here are some of my stumbled upon highlights..
  • Becky Long (below is her 'not working' family life scene, which was my first purchase of the day...)

  • Bethan Mure who had an excellent promotional card.. *HIRE HER*
  • James Chapman and his Soundimals (might have acquired my first Christmas present here..)
  • Lydia Wysocki who I thank hugely for making me recognise saying "just a doodle" or "a quick sketch" is dismissive of my own work..