Thursday, 21 September 2017

Finds on Feriado

Back from 10 days of holiday/family-ing in Portugal. Spied a few things along the way that I'm sharing for future inspiration. Apologies for the poor photography - Had hoped to be able to find better images of the artworks online but I've failed, likely due to my poor ability to search effectively in Portuguese.

At an seemingly pencil-themed exhibition in Guimarães, I found Ana Pérez-Quiroga's delicate acorn bobbins... 

I also enjoyed this calmingly confident use of white space from Ana Guedes. (Ignore the reflection if you can).

And then these clever interlinking hands by Julião Sarmento.

At MAAT in Lisboa, I loved the palette and anonymity of 
João Gabriel's work. 

There's also an installation here by the afore-mentioned Pérez-Quiroga.

And at the Museu Nacoinal Do Azelejo, I lusted over these beautiful coloured tiles, which form part of a bigger composition by Querubim Lapa. #getinmykitchen