Monday, 29 December 2014

Bring on 2015..

I have the small goal every month of uploading a new post onto this blog.  

This month's post has been neglected right up to the deadline.  However, with a rummage through work I have not yet shared, I found this fitting beauty..

I drew the rollerblade back in September when I was lingering at home in Leeds.  I've been doing the same recently, up North for Christmas, where there were many good times occurring.. distracting me from uploading a post!

2014 has been a bold year, full of adventures to be treasured, but 2015 is already holding it's own, simply by way of EXCITING THINGS AHEAD!  Gigs, shiny new living arrangements, holidays, service development projects at work and heaps of exhibitions are already in the diary.. Here's to another year of meeting goals and keeping to deadlines, whilst also having a good time :)