Saturday, 1 February 2014

Swedish commission...

Never posted about this, and I'm not sure why because I really enjoyed drawing the drawing!  It was a carefully composed collection of 1960's Scandinavian porcelain and household-y things, mainly inspired by the classic designs of Stig Lindberg.  Completed, like, a year ago!

The project continues to resonate with me, not only because of my affinity for functional yet beautiful everyday objects, but also because it was inspired by a desire to recognise all that's wonderful about making an effort to spend time with good friends, despite lifestyles that may be somewhat nomadic and temporary.  The repetition and durability of the original designs provide much-needed connotations of balance and stability in a contrasting world.  I also LOVED the required research. Had me unearthing all sorts of eggcup and salt shaker treasures :)

Above is the grateful recipient and said illustration.  And below, is a more recent drawing, for the same person, for his visitkort (I believe that's business card in Swedish..?!) 

Henrik is a talented multi-lingual writer, with interests ranging from literature and social issues through to technology and ice hockey.  Follow the details on the card for more information...

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